Playlist Notifier Mobile App

Please download the app via http://tools.topsify.com/apps/playlist-notifier/ 

The main purpose of this app is to send a notification to a user’s iPhone when a track that they are watching is added to either a playlist on the Spotify local territorySpotify Global, or Topsify profiles.

The app also gives you access to a range of topline information on the track, and info on how the track is performing in each specific playlist that it’s in, such as Average Daily streams per specific playlist, Current Position in selected playlist, Overall Average Daily streams overall and also the playlist follower count.


·         To get going just click on the “search” icon on the bottom right of the app and search for an artist/song that you wish to monitor.

·         Once you find the track you want to monitor, click on it and you will see a view of any current playlists the track is in (if any). From this view click on the + sign in the top right of the app to add this track to your Watchlist. This means you will get notifications when this song is added to a playlist.

·         The “Watchlist” view is a list of all the tracks you are currently monitoring.

·         The “Activity” view is a feed of all the activity/additions of the tracks you are monitoring.

·         Any track in Spotify can be monitored, it doesn’t have to be a WMG track. Although, of course, we don’t have access to streaming data for non WMG tracks.

·         If you want to be notified about any different playlists, please go to ‘Watchlist’ >> ‘Playlists’ >> Choose the different playlists per country that you want to follow.