Facebook Messenger ChatBot Creation

Firepit Tech has the capability to create Facebook Messenger ChatBots, based on a production method and approach that we have, using the ChatFuel platform.  This approach is not only technically broad, and powerful, but also time and cost effective for commissioners.

For two recent examples of Facebook Messenger Chatbots, we created the Playscription Bot for the James Blunt campaign for Atlantic UK, and a video based bot, for Swedish dance duo, Total Ape, on WB Burbank.

The awareness of Messenger Bots is increasing for users all the time, and it’s especially useful for demographics which mainly use mobile, and also perhaps use the main Facebook social product less, and primarily focus on Messenger. Bots provide excellent engagement for a fanbase, where – with the correct type of Bot – there can be good KPIs such as dwell time, and also data capture (as it’s possible to capture email through the Bot too).

Please get in touch on help@firepit.tech for any further information.